Welcome to my online gallery. The work here, in three-dimensional assemblage, is concerned with the complexity of human heart/mind experience and contemporary, cultural power structures. Themes of power and powerlessness, oppression and resistance, life and death, are explored within the context of empathy and compassion.

I am a second-generation Armenian-American woman with an inherited sense of the tragic dimension of a martyred people, and a close knowledge of the inequities that a highly patriarchal society can impose upon its female members. Unfortunately, many martyred peoples of the world today can make similar claims, individually and/or collectively.

Although my ethnicity and gender set cultural parameters, the consonance of human experience is the basis of my work. During the September 11th tragedy in New York, millions of people worldwide looked past differences and saw only similarity. They reached out empathically and made a difference. If cultural, sociological and religious differences could be set aside, similarity might become comfortingly obvious, and we might have the start of something revolutionary and truly evolutionary. Beginning within ourselves — becoming fully aware of our own sensibilities — this is a component of all the great spiritual philosophies of the world. In that regard, the provocative and intimate nature of my work serves to evoke a personal response within the beholder.

Using the box format as a basic structural unit, along with a variety of found and made objects and materials, aspects of this human drama are both contained and ultimately revealed. Minimalist in character, I rely on color, texture, beauty and symbolic representation to convey meaning to the beholder, and ultimately, the personally felt response. My intent is not as important as the response of the viewer. Awareness is the goal. These boxes are interactive and intended to be personal reliquaries. Please take time to consider your own feelings as you look at my work—there is no right or wrong to it.